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Architect, Scolar, Artist, Grandfather



Early life

Explain the subject's early life historically using a journalistic style.[2]

[[Image:Image(s) that captures subject's major contribution(s).ext|thumb|left|Photo caption]]

Expanded description

If an event that occurred in the life of the subject requires further explanation, elaborate.

Marriage and children

If the subject married and produced offspring, describe the marriage and list the immediate offspring.

  • Subject's Son (birthdate – death) If notable, provide a brief single-line description.

  • Subject's Daughter (birthdate – death) If notable, provide a brief single-line description.

Death and afterward

[If applicable] Legacy If any, describe. See Charles Darwin for example.

Philosophical and/or political views

Views held by politicians, writers, and others may be summarized in their biography only to the extent those views are covered by reliable sources that are independent of the control of the politician, writer, etc.

Published works

If any, list the works organized by date of publication. See Charles Darwin for example.

Honours, decorations, awards and distinctions

(If any)

Cemetery Gravestones


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